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Record Labels Worldwide 

Here is a partial list of Record Labels and associates that receive our catalogues, sampler CD's, fax’s, newsletters and emails (listed alphabetically by country). 


Disconforme S.L.

I.M.P. Music


Acqua  Recourds

Edel Music Argentina

Leader Music S.A.

Oid Mortales

Sum Records

Zival’s S.A.


Australia Music Marketing

Central Station

Creative Vibes

Didgeridoo Records

Hebbes & Co.

Holborne Australia

Hot Records

Intertia Distribution

Ken Davis Music Group

LeoSong Origin Music

Liberation Music

MMF International

MRA Music

Mushroom Music Publishing

Peachy Records

Riot Distribution

Sanity Retailers

Sapphire Music

Seeing Ear Music

Shock Music Group

Shock Music / Imports

Sony Music

Standard Records


Universal Music

Zomba Records


Austro Mechana

Ballloon Records

BMG Austria

CBM Entertainment

Couch Records

Doro Music

Edel Records

Edition Rossori

Extraplatte Music

Go West Musik



Ixthuluh Music

KDG Music

Koch Music

Kultur & Veryrieb Distribution

Libro AG

Mica Music

NSM Records

Opus Publishing

Pao Records

Planet Entertainment

PolyGlobe Music

Projeckt Pop Records

SBF Music

Sony Music

Sony Publishing

Soul Seduction Distribution

T-Rax Music

Ultimatief Music

United Music

Universal Edition AG

Vivo Publishing

Warner Music Group / WEA

Wolf Records

Zappel Music

Zomba Music


Acute Records

CRS Music


Adasong Records

Alexco Records

AMG Distribution

Antler Music

Artist Management

A&S Production

Base Records

Be’s Songs NV

Big Time Music

BMC Publishing

B-Track Music

Caracol Music Group


Crammed Disc

Culture Records


Deco Music


DW Factory


EMI Music

Flanders Music

Fonti Music

Frezzy Jam

Funtastic Records

Game Records

Genius Records

Goose Bump Records

Hans Kustic Music

Hebra Music

Import Distributors

Impuls Music

I Scream Records

Jean Kluger Records

Label Vie Music


LC Music

Lightning Records

L&T Records


Music Avenue

Music Machine

Net Beat Records


Out Soon Music


Pavane Records

Pias (Play it again Sam)

Prisma Records

RM Records

Sa-X productions

Scrl Music


Sonica Music

Sony Music Publishing

Stars Music

Stock Music

Team Music

Touch Records

Tradinor Dist.

Tune Records

Universal Music

USA Imports

Visual Consult

Wazaah Music

Wild Boar Music

Zounds Good Records


Abril Music

Building Records

Calbar Music

Cid Entertainment

Dubas Musica

HPI Brasil

Laser Company Music Dist.

MCD World Music

Movie Play

Musictape Multimedia

Paradox Music

RDS Fonografica

Sarapui Musica

Spotlight Records

ST-2 Music

Top Tape Music

Totem Records

Trama Distribution


ARA Audio Dist.

Gega New Music

Mega Music


Duplic International

Musico Center


Alma Records

Amber Music

Aquarius Records

Attic Records

Beat Buzz Records

CBC Records

Cinar Music

Cooper Studios

Dance Planet

Demuzik Group

DEP Distribution

Diffusion Records

Direct Source

Disques Artic

Disques Audiogramme

Disques MPV

Disques RSB

Distribution Fusion

Distribution Musicor

Distribution Select

Edition Bloc-Notes

Editorial Avenue

Effendi Records

Factor Music

Guy Cloutier Music Group

Hi-Bias Records

HMV Records

Inca Records

Iron Music

ISBA Music

Koch International

Les Disques

Les Music

MRP Music

Multipass Music

Nice Music

Nuff Music

Numuzik Music

Orange Music

Play Records

Popular Records

Raam MusicSonic Union

Tandem Music

Unidisc Music

Worldwide Music

YDGs Music Group


DXB Chile

Socied Chilena Musica

Toco Latino


Discos CNR Music

MTM Discos


Croatian Composers

HRT Croatian T.V.


Bis Music

Centro Musical


Producciones Abdala Musica

RTV Music

Czech Republic:

A-Tempo Verlag

B.M.S. Music

Boheme Music

Classical Music Dist.

Cure-Pink Distribution

ESO Music

Master Music

Mega Music

Panther Music

Popron Music


The Music Marketeers

Universal  Music


Air Chrysalis Music

Amazing Music World

Ambia Music

Amigo Music

Best Price Exports


Boom Box Records

Charly Licensing



DAVs Music

DBC Music

Diamond Records

DPA Records

Edel Records

Elap Music


Exlibris Musik

FDN Wholesalers

Fonix Musik

House of Publishing

Hypnotic Records

Iceberg Records



Kick Music


Mis Label

Music Masters


Nordic Metal

Oh Music

Paul Hansen Music Group

Propaganda Europe Distributors

Scandinavian Records

Sony Music

Steeplechase Records

Storyville Records

Street Dance Music

Temba Music

Universal Music


High Fidelity

Mirage Records

New Sound Music

Stop Stereo


Estonia rRadio & T.V.

Qu Fix Com

Faeroe Islands:



Federal Republic Yugoslavia:

IPS Music

Federal Republic Russia:

Art Music Group


Cool Hits Music

Cosmos Music

Crème Records


L-Junction Music

Mezhdunarodnaya Musica

Moscow Musica

Music Company

OOO Fono

Purple Legion Music

Sploshnoff Music Group

The Glinka Musica

Universal Music Russia


Anttila Imports

Blue Buddha

Dee Kay Records

Edel Records

FG-Naxos Imports

Finnish Publishing

Golla Oy

Love Music Publishing

Megamania Music

Musik Oy

Next Stop Distribution

Oy-Er EuroRecords

Poko Records

Poplandia Music

Poptori Oy

Ranka Publishing

Spinefarm Records

Taurus Music


2 Boys Music

AB Disques

Abeille Distribution

AB Group

Accords Croises



Apela Group

Atlantis Music

Bloom Records

BMG Music

Brennus Records

Chopin Music

Chronowax Distribution

Chrysalis Music

Cobalt Music

Cool Cat Music

Culture Music

Cyber Music

Dam Music

Delphine Records

Disques Agon Records

Disques Dom

DixieFrog Records

Edel Records

Edel Publishing

EdenWays  Music

Editions Celia

EMI Music

EMI Publishing

EMP Records

Eoro Box Music

Feel Good Records

FGL Records

French Fried Publishing

Future Sound Music

Gavino Music

Grandlink wholesalers

Hacienda 2 Music

Hacienda Records

Happy Music

INA Music

Independent Records

IRIS Music

Irma Publishing

Jaff Music

Kapagama Publishing

Keltia Musique

Koonda Music

La Baleine

Last Call Publishing

Le Maquis

Master Music

Media Sound Records

Mic Sound Music


Music PlusNaive Music

Network Music Group

Nigh & Day Records


NRJ Music

Oceania Records

Only for Dj’s Record Group


Play Sound Music

Power Play Music

Pulp Flavor Music

R.D.C. Records

Red Bird Music

Repertoire Music

Robin Song Publishing

Rue Bleue Records

S.A.R.L Ricordu

Scalen International

Scorpio Music

Shaoline Music

Sittelle Publishing

SocaDisc Distribution

SPPF Music

Stick Music

Techno Tuner Music

Timpani Records

United Music Company

Universal Music

Universal Publishing

USA Imports- Bio Records

VAL productions –Tristar Music

Virgin Records

Warner Music 


A45 Music Licensing

Act Music

Airplay Records

ARS Music

Arte Music

AutoBahn Music

AW Music

Banana Records

B.A. Rock

Bella Music

Bellaphon Music

Bell Musik

B.E.V. Music

Blake Forest Music

BMG Music

BMG Publishing

Blue Flame Records

Budde Music

Call a song Records

Capital Music

Cargo Records

Cascade Music

Choice Music

Coastland records

Colosseum records

Crescendo Publishing

DA Music

Danza Music

Deutschland Records

Dos or Die Records

Drizzly Music

Eams Lesser Company

Edal Publishing

Edel Records

EFA Medien

EMG Records

EMI Music Publishing

Ervolks Musik Publishing

Eurorts Music

Fargo Records

FilmKunst Musik

Fodor Music

Fre Culture Music

Gini Musik

GLM MusikVerlag

Global Musik

Global Publishing

Global records

Gothic Musik

Groove attack

Hammer Music

Harris Imports

Hawk Music Distribution

In-Akustik Records

Indigo records

Jumbo Neue Musik


Koch Records

Koch Publishing

Kosmo Music

Luce Music

Mad About Music

MDF Musikverlag

MDM Music Distribution

MediaPhon Music

Melodie Der Welt Records

Mento Music

Metal Blade Music

More Music

MP Medis

Musikverlage Hans Gerig


New Music

NewTown Music Publishing

Nova Distribution

Nova Tek Records

Ollis Publishing

Orbit Records

Out Now Wholesalers

Palan Publishing

Peregrina Music

PIAS Publsighing

Plaene Records

Planet Media

Point Music

Polydor –Universal

QED Productions

RCT Entertainment

Repertoire Records

Roba Music Publishing

Schott Musik

Siegel Muic Company

Sigena Music Masters

Sony Music

Speakers Records


Step By Step

Superstar Recordings

Town Music

UniCade Music

Universal Music

Virgin Records

ZYX Music


Ankh Music

A&N Records

Arcadia Music

A.S. Penguins

BlueGreen Records

Cozi Retailers


Erial Music

FM Records

Ihogram Wholesalers

Hong Kong:

Audi Nos Records

Avex Asia

Amuse Records

Arean Group Promotions

Beaver Music

Big Apple  Publishing

BMG Asia

BMG Publishing

City Sound

Corp. 8 Records

CAN Music

EMI Music Publishing

FujiPacific Music

GoGo Music

Golden Pony Records

Good Time Music

Fitto Publishing

Flying Colors Publishing

HMV Retailers

HNH Music Group

Hong Kong Records

Interstar Music

Ka Waw Records

Karrex Records

Kins Music Publishing

KPS Retail Stores

Love Da Records

Master Music

Monitor Records

Pony Canyon

Rock Records

Shun Cheong Records

Silk Road Music

Sony Music

Starlight Records

Sui Seng Trading

The Media Bank

Tower Records

Toco Asia

Universal Music Publishing

Warner / Chappel Publishing

Warner Music Asia


Faster KFT.

Fono Records

H&H 92

Record Express

UnderGround Records

Xeno Music International


Iceland Music

Japis Records

Skifan Hf


BMG Music

Milestone Music

Plus Music

Pyramid Music

Sony Music & Film

Super Metro Music

Times Music

Tipps Records

Vale Music

Vatsa Records

Zee Music


Akurama Records

Antero Bergus Music Company

Aquarius Muskikindo

Ara Records

Aruna Bhswara Records


Cakrawira Music Group

Deka Records

Dynamitira Tara

Indo Semar Sakita Music

Media Bank / CMM Music


PT Cipta Musik

PT. Ira Nusamtara

Putra Prima Music

PT. Media

Suara Sakti Records


Soroush Music Corporation


Bardis Music


Briar Music

Celtic Music

Chart Records

CMR Records

Crashed Music

Diva Music

Dolphin Records

Gael Linn Music Group

Harrison Distribution

HummingBird Records

Magnetic Music

OWL Records


River Valley

Third Floor Records


Brand New Music

Hed Arzi Music

Helicon Records

Helicon Song Publishing

Highlight Records


IMP Records

Jazzis Records

Libra Music

Magda Labe; World Music

MCI Records

M.D.M.A. Music

Media Direct

Media Mem Publishing

Midbar Tech.

MusicGenome Music Group

NMC Music

PhonoKol Records

Steimatzky Music

The Third Ear Music

Unatex Records

Yair Nitzani Publishing


1st Pop Records


Ala Bianca

Alfa Music

Ammonia Records

Angels of Love Music

Aura Music

Baby Records

Beat Records

Café Concerto Publishing

Cinevox Publishing

CNI Compagnia

Conte Max Publishing

Curci Endizoini

Db One Music

Externa Music

GoodFellas Music

Harmony Music

InterCool Music

JT Company

Irma Records

Kizmaiaz Records

Level One Records

Molto Recording

Nar International

One Trybal

Panarord Music

Pick Up Export

Sunrise Music


Tactus Music

Top Records

Two Music

Universo Music


Caribbeat Entertainment

Pele Production

Prime Time Entertainment


Ahora Corporation


Blues Interactions

BMG Funhouse

Bond Street

Casareal Inc.

Cisco International

Columbia Music

Culture Publishers Inc.

Digital Media

Eighty One records, Inc.

Elmo Ltd.

Eugene Music

FujiPacific  Music Inc.

Green Energy

Herald Music, Inc.

Horipro Inc.

Horizon international

Japan Broadcast

Japan Publication

J-Net Communications Inc.

Johnny Company

JVC Victor Entertainment, Inc.

Kayokikaku Co. Ltd.

Keep Co., Ltd.

King International

King Record Co, Ltd.

K.S.R. Corp.

Liquid Audio Japan

MA Recordings Japan

Marquee Inc.

Masaki Tanaka

Media Pulpo

Mikasa Tsusho

Nichion, Inc.

Nippon Television Music

Office Latino

Pony Canyon Inc.

Pop Biz Ltd.

Prime Direction Inc.

Recording Industry

Sakura Notes

Shinko Music Pub

Sony/ATV Music

Sony Music Publishing

Super Stop Inc.

Taiyo Music

Teichiku Entertainment

Tokyo M-Plus

Toys Factory

Toy’s Factory Music


TV Asahi Music

Universal Publishing

Universal Music

Victor Musical

Victor Music Publishing

Warner Music Japan

Watanabe Music pub

Wood Records

Yamaha Music

Yamaha Music Media

Y.P.F. International


Alnazaer Company


Busim Pazistami

Gailitis- G

Laula Imports

Pasadena Records

Platforma Records


Lefteriades Roduction

Experimental Art Concept


Arcadia Entertainment



Top Star Promotion SA




BMG Music Publishing

BMG Music

Brocita Corporation

Cree Nation Trading


Exceed Music

Kang Cassettes Supplies

Music Valley

New Southern Records

Ponycanyon Entertainment

Ponycanyon Music

Rock Records & Tapes

Salem Power Station

Synchrosound Studios

Valentine Sound

Virgo Music


D’Amato Brothers limited


Azteca Records

BMG Entertainment

Discos Musart

Edimusa Publishing

Global E Rack

Prodisc Mexico

Urtext / Palymusic


Zepter music 


2P’SW Music

Arsis Classics

Astral Music Records


Beats Included Entertainment

Bertus- Distributie

Blue Strike Music

BMG Music Publishing

Border Town Records

BPM Dance BV

Cat Music B.V. / Replay Records

Coast to Coast BV

Cooldisc/ The Music marketers

C+T Multimedia Facilities

Culture Records Benelux

Dance Grooves

Dino Music

Dureco B.V.

Edel Records B.V.

Goose Pimples Music

High Fashion

Impogram BV

JG Entertainment

Joan Records

Mascot- Provogue BV

Media Benelux BV


NM Classics

P.D. Luckens

Peter’s Music Factory

Pias BV (play it Again Sam )

Rams Horn Productions B.V.

Records Marketing

Rigu Sound B.V.

Roadrunner Arcade Music

SND Films

Sony/ATV Music Publishing

Sony Europe BV

Spinin’ Records BV

Strengholt BV

Toco International

Tree top

Universal Music

Universal Music Publishing

Wall Records

Warner Music

Warner/Chappell Publishing

Warner Music Benelux

Zomba Distribution

Zomba Records Holdings

New Zealand:

Elite Imports

Global Routes Music

Kog Tranmissions

Madant Production

Universal Music


Black Balloon Records

Grappa Muskkforlag

In. Disc Records

Kirlelig Kulturversted Distribution

Kjell Bjoergew Music

MTG Records

Musikkloson Distribution


Next Stop Distribution

Norsk Music Group


Rec 90

SDC Norway

Tuba Records

Universal Music

Universal Publishing

Wap Beat Records 


Alpha Records

Alta Group

BMG Records

D’Concorde Records

Dyna Music

Diversion Wholesaler

Media Bank

Mega Media Philippines

Midi Sounds Music

Music One

New Radio Distribution

Odyssey Records

Praise Incorporated

Quantum Music

Star Records

Sylmont Music Nook

Universal Records

Viva Music

Warner Music

Warner Music Publishing


Empik SP

GM Records


Koch International

Kovk Music Publishing

Magic Records

Media Markt

Mystic Production


The Music Marketeers


A Loja Da Musica

EDLP Marketing



Ovacao Comercio



Zona Musica


Aponte Latin Music



Eurostar Limited

Roton SRL

Vela Consulting SRL

Saudi Arabia:

Ghasan Production

Stallions Records


Africa Fete



Audio Music

BMG Music

Celebrity Music

CMP Laser

Cream records

Easternworld Holdings

Edel Records

EQ Music

Expect Music PTE

Firebird Music

FM Music

Form Records

Imar Music

Independent Classical

Life Records

Music Movement

Music Street

Musictronic  Private

Net Megastore

Orange Music

Peter Music


Popular book/Retailer

Raffles Trade

Rock Records

Sembawang Music

Soundbuzz Records

Starpress International

Supreme Record

Swat Music

Swissteo Music

Top2 Music

Universal Music

Valentine Music

VMP International

Zouk management 


Mcmillan Music


Nika, D.O.O.

Pat Kar Projekt

RTV Slovenija

South Africa:

Gallo Africa

Intercraft Trading

Kocho Music

Kurse Music

Majors For Minors

Mob Music

Phase two Music

Primedia music

Radio Active

Revolver Records

Ring Records

Scorpio Music

Sheer music

Sheer Publishing

Sheer Sound

Sony Music publishing

Universal Sound& Music

World Web Entertainment

South Korea:

2Clips Music


Bukok Trading Inc.

C&L Music, Inc.

Cream Entertainment

C-Sharp Records

Dreambeat Inc.

First media

Good International Co.

Huks Music

Idream Media

Jeil Tech Electronics

Korea Music Promotion

Liquid Audio

Maco Records & Music publishing

M & All Co. Ltd.

Mediall Tech

Music Factory

Musicmine Records

Myongeum Co. Ltd.

Nanjang Music

Natural music

One Music Entertainment

Ponycanyon Korea

Revolution N 9 Entertainment

Remix Records

Sekwang Music

S.M. Entertainment

Starfan Communication

Synnara Music

TPA (Tin Pan Alley) Co


A3 Distribuciones

Advanced music/ Sonar


Alia  Vox

Almar Music

Alpha Compact

Ambar Produciones


Andalucia & Music

Arise Records

Arnedo Discos

Avispa –SL

Ayva Musica

Bam festival

Better Music

Bit Music

Blanco Y Negro Music

Cambaya Records

Capricorn Records

Cat music


Clements Salaro

Comercial Santana

Contrasena Records

Corbreau Publishing Records

Creativos independientes



Distribuciones Disclub


Diverdi, S.L.

Divucsa Music


Duy Group

Eagle Records

Ediciones Musicales

El Cortijo – The Spanish House

EMI Music Publishing Spain

Envidia Producciones

Estudios Gema

Euromedia Cunsulting


Fonotron S.L.

Generalitat De Catalunya

Govern De Les Illes Balears

K. Industria Cultural

Knife Music

Konga Music

Libelula R.G. De Espana

Loop Sound


Makoki Records

Manuel Morao & Gitanos De Jerez

Mastertrax S.L.

Maui Music Ent.

Metropol Records

Mezzo music


Mpo Iberica

Musica Creativa

Musica Global

Musica Global

Music Lan

New Music Ediciones

New Records shop & Distribution

Novodisc O.D. Group S.A.


Neuvos Medios

Ona Digital

Open Records

Papa Music

Pasarela S.L.

Peermusic Espanola S.A.

Pias Spain

Producciones Naimara


RBA Music


Rose Sound

Salvat Editores


Serial Killer Vinly


Sociedad Espanola De Ediciones Musicales


Sonifolk SA

Sony/ATV Music Pub. Spain

Star Records

Super music Center

Teddy Sound

Tempo Music

Transdisc Music- Bum Records

Universal Music Publishing

Vale music

Ventilador Music

Vimuscia Espana

Warner Chappel Music Spain

Weekend Records



Ahlens Ab

Air Chrysalis Scandinavia

Amigo Music

Bis Records

Bolero Records

Bonnier Music

Border Music

Caprice Records

Cool Music

Daxam Services

DB Productions Sweden

DCM Sweden

Edel Publishing

Edel Records

EMG Music

EMI Music Publishing

Emma Lucia Company

Evema Ab

Export Music Sweden

Fanglobe Ab

Four Leaf Clover Records

Gazell Music

Goldhead Music

Grat Vision International

Hans Edler Music

Independent Music

Jimmy Fun Music Publishing

Mr. Edmundo Production

Mr Music Production

Music Broker Sweden

Music Network Records Group


Naxos Sweden

Next Stop Distribution



Phono Suecia

Palayground Music Scandinavia

Play Nojesdistribution


Prophone Records

Proprius Music

Ramblin’ Records

Reactive Music

Remixed Records

Scandinavian Songs Music Group

Scranta Grammofon

SDC Sweden

Showtime Distribution

Sib-Tryck Ab


Stockholm Records

Svergies Radio P3/ Swedish Broadcasting

Svergies Television

Swedish Broadcasting Corp. Sales Department

Swedish Radio Co.P4

Telstar Records

The Polar Music

Theta Music

Universal Music Pub.

Westin Promotion

XTC/ Roastinghouse Productions



Arts Et Action


AVC Audio Video Communication

Backstage Support agency

Brambus Records

Claves Records

Cod music

Creatives Entertainment

Dancing City

Dinifan S.A.

Disctrade/Out Of tune

Disques Office

Distefora Mobile-Minick Ag

DJ Beat Records GMBH

Edition Melodie

Edition Musicales macumba


Encore Entertainment

Face Music

Guild Music

Harem Records

H.O.E. House Of Electronics

Ifpi Suisse

I.M.G. Liecti & Cie

Klick Verlag

K-Tel International

L177 Records

Lotuce Records


Mrs Records GMBH

Music And Copyright Consulting

Music Import

Musikvertrieb AG

Musiques Suisse

Overseas Records

Paleo Festival Nyon

PBR Record Ltd.

Phonag Ag

Phonotheque Nationale Suisse

Purple Music

Reactor Magazine

Rec Rec Medien Ag

Revolution Recording

Smart music Sarl

Sound Service Wigra Ag

Spike Ltd.

SRG-SSR Idee Suisse Swiss Satellite Radio

SSC Selected

SSR/ Schweizer Fernsehen Drs


Television Suisse Romande

The Park Production

TSI- Televisione Svizzera


Universal Music Switzerland

Wavesounds GMBH

Yes Music Ag

Zap Music

Zed production

Zomba Records


Aifa publishing

Alpha Music

BMG Taiwan

Chingmao Communication

Crystal Records

Enrich Records

Famous production

Friendly Dogs Music

High-End Records

Imar Music

Janus Resource International


KPS Retail

Ledvon Products

Magic Stone Music

Mesa Music

Ming Yueh Video Records

Pacific International Music

Pony Canyon Taiwan Ltd.

River Records

Rock Records Taiwan

Sony Music Entertainment Taiwan

Sunrise Int’l

Target International

Trees Music

What’s Music International

Wind records

Wind Song Music

YSY Musical Publishing


Aps Inyermusic

EMI Music

Grammy Records

Red Beat International


SBI Asia

Tilleke & Gibbons

Ursa Major International


Isikli Turizm Musik

Marmara Internet

Topkapi Musik

Yeni Dunya Musik


Recording Company

Volia Media Group

United Arab Emirates:

Musicbox International LLC.

Vanilla Music

Yousco Electronics

United Kingdom:

21st  Century Fix Ltd.

33 Records


5 New Square

5 Raymond Buildings

A2Z Music Services

Absolute Marketing And Dist.

Ace Records


Acid Jazz Records

Active promotion

Addis& Co.

Adsr Records Ltd.

Air-Del Associates

Ak Music Ltd.

All Music Limited

Almafame Limited

Amato Distribution

Angel air Records

Arabesque Distribution

Arcadia Rec. Ltd.

Arista Records

Ariwa Sounds

Ark21 Records

Armadillo music ltd.

Arram Berlyn Gardner

Arts Publishing International

ASM Ltd.


Atlantic Records

Audio Book & Music Company Ltd.

Avanti Records

Avid Records


Azuli Records Ltd.

Babel Label

Baker Tilly

Barclays bank

BBC Legends

BBC Music Magazine

BBC Music

BDO Stoy Hayward

Beat That Music Ltd.

Beehive International

Beggars Group

Bellevue Entertainment

Belsize Music Ltd.

Bet International

BGO Records

Bianco Music

Big Brother Management

Big Dada Recordings

Big Fish Music Ltd.

Big World publishing

Black Box Music Limited

Blenchatra Productions Limited

Blow Up Records

The Blueprint Recording

BMG Entertainment

BMG Music Publishing International

BMG Music Publishing

BMP-Broken Music publishing

BMP-Mawa Film & Media UK

Bocu music Group

Brightly Music

Brothers Distribution

Bucks Music Group

Bug Music Ltd.

Bullocks Limited

Caber Music Ltd.

Café De Soul

Candid Production

Cara Music

Cargo Records Ltd.

Carlin music

Caroline 2 Ltd.

Cartel Music Group

Ceema Production

Champion Records

Chandos Records

Charly Acquisitions Limited

Charly Records

Cheeky music

Chelsea Music

Cherry Red Records

Chocolate Boy publishing

Classical Network Limited

Cleveland City Records


Collective music Limited

Collegium Records

Connoisseur Collection

Cooking Vinyl

Dancebuy Limited

Darah Music Ltd.

Decca Music Group

Defected Records Ltd.

Delegations Birmingham

Delta Music

Deviant Records

Digital Hardcore Recording

Eagle Records

Edel Publishing

Edel Records

EMI Music

EMI Publishing


HHO Licensing Limited

Heavy Records

Inspire International

Jungle Records

Koch international

Lasgo Exports

Lost Soul Music

Mac two records

Marathon Music

Multiple Sounds Distribution

Music Bank Records

Music Factory

NMC Music

One Nation Export

Passion Music

Planet Media


Revolver Music

Ritz Music

Ruf Beats

Sanctuary Records

Skint Records

Sony Music

Sony publishing

TKO music

Universal Music

Universal Publishing

Warner Chappel Music Publishing

Warner Music


Juan Andres Distribution

Promo Records


Atlantic Records

BMG Music

BMG Publishing

Caroline Distribution

Columbia Records

EMI Music

Epic Records

Fox Music Publishing

Koch International

MCA Records

Navarre Distribution

Pacific Coast One Stop (Dist).

RED Distribution

Ryko Distribution

Ryko Publishing

Sony Publishing

Sony Music

Universal Music Publishing

Universal Records

Warner Chappel Publishing

Warner Music Group


Total Music Distributors



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