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Dr. Johnny Mendola (AKA Johnny Rock) is a business professional who offers a unique set of perspectives that sets him apart from his industry and academic peers.
Johnny launched Johnny Rock Music Group, Inc. in 2012. Based upon his 20+ year background in the music industry, Johnny Rock Music Group has a location in the United States and satellite offices in Honk Kong and Shanghai, China. He offers the insights and guidance that today’s musicians need in order to generate both commercial and critical success.  

Johnny was Marketing Director for IRL Music Group and served as an artist representative that helped propel the band Wishbone to international acclaim, and Christian singer / songwriter Sue Ann Pinners in securing a lucrative network of 100+ independent sales venues. In addition, his dedication and tireless work ethic were instrumental in hosting successful stadium concert appearances for such talents as Jose Feliciano and Lisa Stansfield.

Most university professors teach from a textbook, whereas I make the textbook come to life by incorporating my real-world experiences into the classroom.
Dr. Johnny Rock
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Johnny has traveled extensively throughout his music career, both throughout Asia and to parts of Europe. He has flow well over 1.6 million base miles on Delta Airlines alone, and has been afforded the accolade of Million Miler.
Johnny is a published author of Getting That Record Deal: The Backdoor Approach, which is currently available through and iTunes. He has also been published in Music Connection Magazine while interviewed about Licensing artists in Foreign markets.

Intrinsic in John’s personality is his thirst for knowledge. He holds 3 associate degrees in the humanities, liberal studies, and global business, a BA in Theology, and an MBA from Liberty University along with a dual Masters in Theology. With a Ph.D. in Theology, and a pre-doctoral Educational Specialist Degree (EDS) from the University of Western Georgia. John is currently enrolled in his second doctoral degree, “Doctrine in Businesses Administration” (DBA), where he can bolster his existing academic experience as a University professor.


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This is in addition to valuable experience as a Part-time Faculty Professor at Irvine Valley College, Subject Matter Expert / Lecturer at Concordia University, Irvine, UCLA Professor and USC Medical Center (Six Sigma Practitioner) in Los Angeles, California in both formal and informal business training experience that has spanned his entire career and across all disciplines and industries.
In the realm of corporate education, Johnny has recently launched a automotive Video Training Certificate course that has debuted on Additionally, Johnny has authored numerous academic and business articles. He is also the creator and proponent of the powerful “3Rs” philosophy of Rapport, Respect and Relationship.
Regarding language proficiency, John currently speaks entry-level Mandarin Chinese, and plans to continue with advanced Chinese language training in the coming years. He also lived in Hong Kong for an 18-month period, which has afforded him familiarity with Cantonese.

Finally, Johnny's exceptional business ability has been documented in the CRM company DealerSocket, which published a full-page color advertisement in the September 22, 2014 issue of Automotive News that provides accolades regarding his ability to successfully identify buyer behaviors within the Internet domain.

"I enjoy helping students identify how to unleash their creativity and pursue their dreams and passions. As an entrepreneur, musician and marketer, my goal is to enable students with the tools and skillsets to succeed in today's global business environment."
Dr. Johnny Rock
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Other than playing Bass guitar, I love fast cars. The first song I ever wrote was "Highway Drive" it is about driving down the highway real fast! It's the 2nd track on the album and kind of a pop/rock theme.

The first song I ever wrote was "Highway Drive" it is about driving down the highway real fast!
Dr. Johnny
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Dr. Johnny was featured on the PodCast show "Critical Mass," speaking about how he got started in the Music Industry and his future endeavors.